Social Hub

A social listening tool for brand managers and social media marketers

product background

Provide a single source of truth for people in social media and marketing teams that is insightful and right on time in a beautiful, useful and usable way.

how do we do that?


Gain a deep understanding of users wants, needs, hopes and priorities.


Highlight shared challenges and potential opportunities for intervention.


Visualise hypothetical solutions to spark discussion and collect feedback.

business questions

Can we understand consumer behaviour, needs & perceptions?
Can we map our brand health with consumer behaviour?
How to influence consumers?
How to make consumers buy more?

research process

initial inquiries

Current Process

What is the current way of working?

What draws people towards using the current tools?

What is the most important information?

What are they getting with this information?

Tools & Tricks

What tools and templates and people use to answer the questions and pass on the information?

What works, what doesn’t work?

What do they avoid and why?

Ideal Future

What is the ideal experience of working?

What are the gaps in current processes?

How would you like the future to look and why?

research tools/artefacts

Hierarchy of Information

To understand the levels of information the user needs and their priorities.

Ways of Working

How the user works on a daily basis and what are the challenges they faces in order to complete a task.

Magic Wand

Things the user would like to change to make their work better. Often known as the 'Ideal State'.

our users

user example

user story insight analysis example


synthesis & insight generation shared using MURAL board

ideation exercises

layout exercises

sample component library

final screen sample